Our Good Story

Our story is a good story, and we love to share our lives with our clients. Here’s an opportunity to get to know the GoodStory team.

At GoodStory, no matter the situation or circumstance, our sole wish is that your next chapter is your best chapter.

  • 2004-Jul



    Jen comes to Canada.

  • 2005-Mar



    Jen purchases her first property.

  • 2011-July



    Jen becomes a licensed agent at Century 21.

  • 2015-May



    Leo becomes a licensed agent and joins Jen.

  • 2015-SEP



    Jen and the team launch RealEstating Co.

  • 2016-May



    Shadi joins the team as marketing coordinator.

  • 2017-Dec



    The RealEstating Co. team moves to RE/MAX Hallmark.

  • 2018-Jul



    Shadi becomes a licensed agent.

  • 2019-Apr



    RealEstating Co launches Lifestyle Home Ottawa, a branch of the team focusing on marketing unique homes.

  • 2020-Mar



    Stefano becomes a licensed agent.

  • 2023-Feb



    A GoodStory is born!

  • Tony_McNeil



    Tony joins the team after being a licensed realtor for over 5 years.

Who We Are

We are all bound by the common desire to live a life full of good stories. Stories are the adventures we crave, the deep connections we make, and the quality that makes our human experience rich.

Then there’s good.

Good things make us smile and fill our hearts with joy. Good inspires us and opens our eyes to the beauty of life. Good is the creation of happiness. 

We are a business that expertly threads this seam. We are GoodStory.

Our name captures our purpose, highlighting our greatest wish that your next chapter is your best chapter.

We care deeply about you, and it is this connection that grants us insight into your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Understanding what kind of story you wish to write for yourself allows us to deliver to you at the highest level possible.

We navigate the world of real estate with clarity, execute with precision, and deliver remarkable experiences every single time.

We are committed to building bright futures and amassing a collection of joyful next chapters.

Our name captures our purpose, highlighting our greatest wish that your next chapter is your best chapter.

Jenniffer Alvarenga

Jenniffer Alvarenga

Broker & Team Leader

Shadi Bultaip

Shadi Bultaip

Sales Representative

francoismittins-mitts-ottawaphotographer-best-team-2023-10-23 GS-Tony McNeil - Ottawa Realtor - Goodstory Real Estate

Tony McNeil

Sales Representative

Leonardo Alverenga

GoodStory’s Home

RE/MAX Hallmark has been our happy home since 2017. With over 40 years of experience, and an unwavering commitment to the communities they operate in, RE/MAX Hallmark has held its place as the leading real estate brokerage in Ontario. GoodStory is proud to be a part of this monumental legacy. By providing us with exclusive tools, training, and leadership, RE/MAX Hallmark continually encourages us to raise the bar. 

Our Values


No detail is overlooked, and no matter is too small to be considered. We get to know you in the same detail-focused way that we get to know the properties we offer. Delivering excellence is what sets us apart from our competitors, and it’s what makes us so successful at what we do.


Warmth is who we are — it’s what anchors our purpose and defines the GoodStory experience. We have created an environment that makes you feel safe, listened to, and cared for. Our signature warmth characterizes every interaction, and, oftentimes, our partnerships become long-term friendships.


We believe in the power of creativity and innovation, and we always look for new ways to address challenges. Our creativity allows us to connect intimately and emotionally with you, a connection that ultimately leads to your success story.

We are guided by honesty, passion, and a deep desire to build strong connections. Our deepest purpose is to help you live a good story.

We work with Good Souls

Our Clients

Your desire to live a good story is the reason why we are in business. Working toward your good story is a joy for us; it’s what motivates our team to deliver an excellent real estate experience every single time.

We go beyond the traditional processes and dynamics of a client-service-provider relationship. At GoodStory, we form partnerships that are real, and we endearingly refer to partners like you as good souls.

Good souls value collaboration.

You know that the best journeys are the ones travelled in good company, and you willingly put in the time and effort required for us to be aligned in your vision, goals, and aspirations.

Good souls value the guidance of a professional.

You trust us to do the absolute best work on your behalf, and you rely on the expertise of our team to navigate the real estate landscape.

Good souls have hopes and dreams.

You hold fast to the vision of your good story, look to future chapters with excitement, never doubting that you will be the victorious main character of your story.

“You will not be disappointed and I can say that with 100% confidence. And you are going to make new friends.”



A Good Story


We believe that sharing experiences of triumph can be both helpful and encouraging to those navigating the real estate landscape.

Meg and Mark are not your typical homeowners. Not many can say that they had a hand in the architecture, build, and design of their own home. From ensuring that their house was positioned in the most energy-efficient orientation relative to the sun and building an air-tight structure to avoid heat loss, to incorporating the most unique, jaw-dropping features — not a single element was overlooked.

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