Creativity is our superpower

At GoodStory, creativity is not just a fun tool we use every now and then to support you in your buying, selling, or investing journey. Creative is who we are at our very core, it’s how we approach every real estate transaction, and it’s how we solve problems.

Meg and Mark had put so much thought, work, and love into the construction of their home, and we understood how important it was for that level of excellence to be communicated clearly and effectively to potential buyers. To pair them with the perfect buyer, and to reach our shared vision of their joyful next chapter — living out West, surrounded by trees, overlooking water — we knew we’d have to think outside of the box.

The neighbourhood of Hintonburg is vibrant, warm, and full of life, but this historically industrial part of town is still in the process of receiving a commercial and artistic makeover. This exciting transition has drawn a beautiful cross-cultural mixture of residents, and slowly but surely, century homes are being replaced with striking new properties. Meg and Mark’s home was one such build that stood out from the rest.

Once we got to know the couple, their lifestyle, and their home, we sprung into sales action. We sent in our designer, painter, and cleaners in to make the home sparkle. Next, we delivered mailers to the neighbourhood, which roused interest and even caught the attention of CTV, who then featured the GoodStory listing and generated more buzz.

We leveraged our social media following and thorough knowledge of this one-of-a-kind environmentally -friendly home, communicating all the specifics about the property to everyone we could reach.

Needless to say, we were ecstatic to receive an offer before launching! Even so, we kept our cool. We are expert negotiators, and we understood that this property was premium, so we adjusted our asking price accordingly. Meg and Mark set their nerves aside, trusted our judgement, and within 24 hours of going live with our sale, sold their beloved home for a record-breaking price.


(4:00 to watch)

“Our next adventure is taking us to Vancouver and one of the first things the kids asked was whether the realtors would be coming with us, so if that doesn’t say something good about them I’m not sure what else will”




We love a good challenge. Tell us about your dreams, and we’ll help you get there. Your good story awaits.