Our Buyer’s Journey

The experience of helping you buy your home isn’t just a transaction for us. We partner with you to find your perfect home because exceptional outcomes and joyful next chapters are our passion.

What Buyers Want

Buying a home is no small undertaking. We know the effort that is involved in the search for your perfect home, and we know the emotions that arise when you move on to the next chapter. GoodStory strives to make your transition a remarkable one. Our exemplary, detail-oriented approach ensures that our listings go beyond suitability — we aim for perfect matches, and we also broker the best possible prices.

We guide you through the real estate process in a way that makes you want to live the journey again.

We take the time to understand exactly who you are, how you aspire to live, and the stories you wish to write so that the home you buy is the best home for you.

We are dedicated to our partnership. We travel great lengths across the city in search of your dream home. Neither distance nor time will stand in the way of finding your perfect match.

We navigate the market with excellence, and survey listings and trends with laser focus and determination. Sometimes, the homes we find aren’t even on the market yet.


Good Success

Our love, passion, and commitment is authentic, and it translates to impressive outcomes. When you partner with us to buy your home, you get more than excellent customer care, you get a team that will do all that it can to secure the best possible sales price for you.


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The Good Approach

Our exceptional outcomes and collection of happy stories do not come about by chance. They are the result of industry expertise, strategic excellence, and an unstoppable desire to bring you joy. We understand that you want guidance as you journey through the home-buying process. We understand that you want your next home to be a smart and profitable investment. And we understand that this space is more than a house — it’s a vessel for your most loved and cherished, and a holding place for your stories.

We are committed to creating positive outcomes beyond real estate. Your good story matters deeply to us. To help you find your perfect home, we happily go above and beyond all typical efforts. The homes we bring to you are not limited to the public listings or what is active on Realtor.ca. We tour neighbourhoods, knock on doors, and even call homeowners whose homes are not listed for sale in order to build sale connections on your behalf. We employ creativity, use innovative tools, and work together as a team with precision to find your dream home.

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    We want you to love your home and feel good about entering it each and every day. The first step to achieving this remarkable outcome is a Discovery Meeting. By taking the time to get to know you — your likes, dislikes, fears, and big dreams for the future — we align ourselves with your vision and guide you to your joyful next chapters.

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    Get Pre-qualified

    To find your perfect match it takes more than knowing you, searching for opportunities, and remaining hopeful. It involves expert timing and financial preparedness. From bank representatives to inspectors to lawyers, we connect you to all of the affiliated professionals and keep you a step ahead as we navigate the home-buying process

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    Home touring

    Opening a door to a home can fill the mind with endless wonder and hopeful possibility. This is when knowing you well becomes key in securing your happiness. No distance is too far to travel, and no time is too much to spend as we venture throughout the city in search of the home that is meant for you.

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    Negotiating time

    A major part of achieving a remarkable home-buying experience is making sure that you receive the best value for your transaction. We want you to feel great about your investment. Our team is realistic, we respect your budget, and we do our utmost to negotiate competently on your behalf.

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    Due-diligence phase

    At GoodStory, we aim to maintain your sense of joy throughout all stages of the home-buying process. This means that our job is not over when we find the right home. Before you sign on the dotted lines, we guide you through inspections, financing, and any designer/contractor visits.

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    Prepare for closing

    In preparation of your closing date, we support you in tying up the loose ends. Some of these last details include finalizing your loan, scheduling a final walkthrough, setting up utilities, and arranging your movers. And once you’ve moved into your home, we will check on you, continue to advise you, and find other meaningful ways to demonstrate our commitment to your good story.

A Good Story


We believe that sharing experiences of triumph can be both helpful and encouraging to those navigating the real estate landscape.

Meg and Mark are not your typical homeowners. Not many can say that they had a hand in the architecture, build, and design of their own home. From ensuring that their house was positioned in the most energy-efficient orientation relative to the sun and building an air-tight structure to avoid heat loss, to incorporating the most unique, jaw-dropping features — not a single element was overlooked.

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“Being my first experience of selling, I felt like I was part of the team and to me that’s very important”