The Good Approach

There’s something magical about the internal spark that takes place when something captures your attention and makes you feel as if it was made specially for you. At GoodStory, we understand this psychology, and we go beyond traditional marketing efforts to evoke this magic when we sell your home. The stories we tell, the Lifestyle films we create, and the stunning architectural photography we produce are all part of a recipe designed to leave a lasting impression on the heart and mind of your buyer.

Buying or selling your home can be a complex and stressful process. Allow us to help you maximize the sale of your home with creative, compelling, personalized, and targeted lifestyle-marketing strategies.

Why GoodStory Marketing?

Your home has a story to tell. Our unique way of sharing that story creates an effective and emotional connection that engages buyers, and helps them envision themselves living their best life in your home. Our Lifestyle films feature storylines that captivate the audience from start to finish, while our target-market strategies aim to showcase your listing to the right audiences and keep your home top of mind. Our approach works because it’s focused, sophisticated, warm, and personal.

“Extraordinary homes deserve exceptional marketing.”


We set benchmarks in the city of Ottawa


Record for most expensive condo at 1000 Wellington Street for 5 years until 2022…sold for an “unbelievable” price.


Record for most expensive home in Ottawa outside of Rockcliffe Park and Rothwell Heights at 621 Echo Drive until 2022


Most expensive semi-detached home in Old Ottawa East at 172 McGillivray Street


Most expensive home in Kanata, Carp and Stitsville sold virtually at 33 Marchbrook Circle


Most expensive semi-detached home with under 20 feet of frontage in Westboro at 287 Dovercourt Avenue (sold without


Most expensive home built to passive standards in Hintonburg, sold for $965 per square foot at 105 Bayswater Street, 400k above previous record sale (1.9M vs 1.5M)

Some of Our Offerings

When it comes to real estate marketing, we don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach.

In-house Staging

We understand the importance of creating a lasting first impression. Our team of talented designers and stagers work closely with our clients to transform your space into a breath-taking showcase that highlights its unique features and maximizes its potential. Whether you’re selling a vacant property or looking to spruce up your current home, our staging services will help you achieve remarkable results. We believe in the power of staging to transform a property and elevate its market appeal. Our extensive range of high-quality furniture, accessories, and decor is carefully curated to complement your home’s style. From modern and contemporary to traditional and elegant, we have it all. Showcasing your home impeccably leads to more money in your pocket, and a bigger return on your investment contributes to your good story.

Targeted and Creative Marketing

At GoodStory, creativity is not just a fun tool we use every now and then to support you in your buying, selling, or investing journey. Creative is who we are at our very core, it’s how we approach every real estate transaction, and it’s how we solve problems.

Quality Agents

The successful sale of a home or property begins with the right salesperson. We’ve made that selection process easier for you. All of the agents working on our team have uncompromising standards based on trust, quality, discretion, and excellence. We believe in discretion, and as your trusted advisors, we care for you and your privacy. Your remarkable experience is our priority.

Our Market Reach

Behind the scenes, we track the performance of our ads to see what kind of results we are achieving. We use “A/B testing” to learn even more about what targeting options are working the best, and we tweak our creative approach and ads as needed to speak more directly to your target audience.


Our clients come from all walks of life, but one thing we feel strongly about is their privacy and confidentiality. After years of working with top executives, high profile individuals, and professional athletes, we understand that being able to trust that your information is kept confidential is a non-negotiable.

Our Resources

Buyers Guide

The way we approach the buying process enables us to build connections that result in exceptional outcomes and create joyful next chapters for our clients. Download our Buyers Guide to learn more.


Sellers Guide

There are countless factors that can affect the sale of a home, but we believe a tactful approach, a well-considered plan, and an unwavering commitment to precision can create a good story. Download our Sellers Guide to learn more.


Investors Guide

Whether you are looking to flip a house, source the market for inventory, or live in a home for a period of time to amass its value, we guide your investment journey with ease and precision. Download our Investors Guide to get started.


A Good Story


We believe that sharing experiences of triumph can be both helpful and encouraging to those navigating the real estate landscape.

Meg and Mark are not your typical homeowners. Not many can say that they had a hand in the architecture, build, and design of their own home. From ensuring that their house was positioned in the most energy-efficient orientation relative to the sun and building an air-tight structure to avoid heat loss, to incorporating the most unique, jaw-dropping features — not a single element was overlooked.

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