Our Investor’s Journey

Whether you are looking to flip a house, source the market for inventory, or live in a home for a period of time to amass its value, we guide your investment journey with ease and precision. It’s our absolute joy to work closely with you to strategize the financial gain that leads to your good story.

What Investors Want

As investors ourselves, we understand that the core purpose of property investment is to generate wealth, but a successful transaction does not come about by chance. Investors want qualitative and quantitative data to support them in their decision making, and you can rest assured that we have the kind of transactional records that instil confidence. At GoodStory, your profitable-investment journey starts with a dedicated team who is richly invested in both your personal happiness and financial success. Whether you wish to sell your property, secure the perfect investment, or nurture an existing one, you need the support of attentive partners who know exactly what they’re doing.

Our deep interest and connection to you allows us to appropriately and securely position you to make decisions that align with your vision.

Our well-designed investment strategy is executed by a highly-skilled team whose standard of excellence ensures that all details, nuances, and investor pursuits are covered.

Our creative approach to marketing, top-tier negotiation skills, and profound knowledge of the real estate landscape reliably translates to greater savings when you buy and larger profit margins when you are ready to sell.

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“There is more than that relationship of work, now we’ve become friends and there’s a trust that has been built there through this process”



The Good Approach

The property-investment process can be a complex and challenging landscape to navigate. When you partner with GoodStory, you are aligning with industry professionals who plan exactly what steps to take at precisely the right time, thereby minimizing the problems and stress you might face along the way. Whether you are in search of a charming home to live in for a set period of time, the ideal fixer-upper to be flipped and sold, assistance to nurture your investment, a parcel of land to build on, or the perfect time to cash in on the sale of your investment, we inform and support you to make healthy financial decisions every step of your journey. 

We take care of all of the details and demystify the property-investment process so that you can spend more time enjoying your life and less time feeling anxious about your future. Our real estate expertise, paired with our commitment to bring about a remarkable outcome, means that you’ll never have to worry about the next step. We have built solid relationships with leading industry professionals in our city, and the benefits of these connections extend to you. From industry trades and property managers to designers, photographers and more—when you partner with GoodStory, you inherit a team that is not only characterized by excellence, but fully devoted to ushering in your joyful next chapters.

We have been in your shoes, and we have learned the lessons so you don’t have to. Watch one of those good stories below.



A Good Story


We believe that sharing experiences of triumph can be both helpful and encouraging to those navigating the real estate landscape.

Meg and Mark are not your typical homeowners. Not many can say that they had a hand in the architecture, build, and design of their own home. From ensuring that their house was positioned in the most energy-efficient orientation relative to the sun and building an air-tight structure to avoid heat loss, to incorporating the most unique, jaw-dropping features — not a single element was overlooked.

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“It's a big deal and they saw it that way. It wasn't just another house, it was a big deal to them as well.”

Diane and Randy