Our Seller’s Journey

There are countless factors that can affect the sale of a home, but our tactful approach, a well-considered plan, and our unwavering commitment to precision are the elements that elevate our house-sale process from the rest and contribute to your good story.

What Sellers Want

The authentic relationship we build with you makes it easy for you to trust us with the outcome of your sale. We work with care, competence, and creativity so that you can experience a sense of confidence, warmth, and excitement as you advance toward your next chapter. As we skillfully negotiate the best return on your investment, we maintain our commitment to helping you write your incredible story.

The real-estate journey can be complex and overwhelming. Our team works together on all of the details so that you can go through the process with minimal stress and worry.

We make sure that you have a good understanding of the market, and are aware of the many ways you can receive the highest possible return on your investment.

From connecting you with lenders, lawyers, and contractors to staging and marketing your home, our concierge approach ensures that you remain joyful and prepared about the wonderful things to come.

Good Success

GoodStory’s sales success is rooted in our relentless pursuit of joyful stories. It is always our aim that you receive the greatest possible return on your investment, and our above-and-beyond sales approach consistently leads to remarkable outcomes.


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The Good Approach

Whether it’s an individual or a family, a buyer is out there right now thinking that your home is their perfect home, and we have the means to reach them. By knowing your home intimately — every benefit and detail — we gain insight into the buyer’s profile. Before we go public, GoodStory targets these potential buyers by means of campaigns, videos, and our Lifestyle Films that we publish across all of our platforms.

By doing this, we evade potential objections, and show your property in the best possible light when it’s time to go live on MLS. Our thoughtful sales strategy leads buyers to their perfect match, you to a happy sale, and everyone to their good story.

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    When you partner with us to sell your home, our first step is to meet and discover as much about you as possible. When we understand your needs, expectations, and vision for the future, we can execute your custom plan with precision. We want you to feel great about the sale of your home, and for your house-sale experience to be something you look back on with joy.

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    Analyze the market

    GoodStory is meticulous at performing market research. Our team uses the latest tools and resources to ensure that the information we present to you is both reliable and beneficial. When it comes to pricing your home, we take the time to understand exactly what you wish to gain out of the sale of your property, and work fiercely to make you happy.

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    Sale preparations

    Once we have worked out the pricing of your property, we begin our transaction process. This stage entails creating timelines, a marketing roadmap, and establishing connections with vendors, lenders, lawyers, stagers, designers, suppliers, general contractors and more.

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    Media shoots

    At this point your home is immaculately staged, and it is a must-see showstopper! In preparation of your home sale, we bring in our videographers and photographers to capture the beauty and value of your property.

  • 5

    Create stunning marketing assets

    We know exactly how to capture people’s attention, and we have the means to do it. At this time, we use the striking media from our video and photo shoots to prepare all of the print and digital elements needed to market your home to perfection. This is also when we manage any of the networking necessary to sell your home.

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    Exclusive marketing

    Before we go live on Realtor.ca, we privately advertise your home. As we market your home privately, we gather feedback on its features and pricing, and uncover any objections to its purchase. Quality assurance and presenting your property in the most appealing light is critical at this stage. By addressing potential problems early on, we minimize the likelihood of an unwelcome outcome. This pre-market strategy also attracts premium-driven clientele and builds anticipation for your public listing.

  • 7

    Pre-launch price assessment

    Before we launch the public sale of your home, we analyze your property once more and do a real-time assessment of the housing market. We compare your home to other listings, research recent sales, and complete a due-diligence review of comparable properties that failed to sell. We execute our pricing strategy with precision in order to sell and advertise your home in the most profitable way.

  • 8

    It’s showtime!

    Now that curiosity in your neighbourhood and greater community has been piqued, we are ready to go live! By placing your home on Realtor.ca, we open the door to a wider range of interest and a more expeditious sale.

  • 9

    Negotiation time

    When offers are submitted, we review them jointly and ensure that we are aligned in your vision. With full respect to your desired outcome, we work strategically to sell your home to the highest bidder under conditions that are most favourable to you.

  • 10

    Closing day

    This stage marks the end of one adventure and the exciting beginning of your next chapter. Here, we coordinate any trades, set up your utilities, book your movers, schedule the closing date with your lawyer and more. We take the time to guide you through these remaining steps so that the days leading up to closing day are as smooth and happy as possible.


Your home has a story to tell, and we’re honoured to be your co-authors. Our creative, compelling marketing strategies create emotional connections that capture the hearts and minds of buyers. Our Lifestyle films feature captivating storylines, and our target-market strategies deliver your listing to the perfect audience. Allow us to help tell the good story of your home to the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

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