A remarkable real estate experience.

GoodStory is a warm, creative, and people-driven real estate team that delivers excellence to the city of Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Real estate is about so much more than buying and selling properties, it’s about guiding you to the next chapter with remarkable customer care and industry expertise.

Your next chapter is your best chapter.

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The Experience

Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing in a property, you can trust GoodStory to deliver an extraordinary client experience. The relationships we build are real, and they go far beyond numbers, figures, and closing dates. Behind every client is a story that we are honoured to be connected to.

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We understand that finding your next home is an important life step, and we are committed to guiding, advising, and leading you to a remarkable outcome.


We know how important it is for potential buyers to recognize the value of your property, for them to envision themselves in it, and be inspired to live their own stories within those walls.


As investors ourselves, we know exactly what it takes to find the right type of property for the purpose of investing. We demystify the property-investment process and guide you to success.

The Team

Our team is not just an ensemble of agents, we are a group of individuals who love people.

We understand the impact that real estate transactions have on your life, and we are committed to helping you create good stories.

As expert marketers who push the boundaries on creativity, warmth, and excellence, we find solutions to the toughest real estate problems so that you can maintain a sense of excitement as you ease into your next beautiful chapter.

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Your home has a story to tell, and we’re honoured to be your co-authors. Our creative, compelling marketing strategies create emotional connections that capture the hearts and minds of buyers. Our Lifestyle films feature captivating storylines, and our target-market strategies deliver your listing to the perfect audience. Allow us to help tell the good story of your home to the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

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“There is more than that relationship of work, now we’ve become friends and there’s a trust that has been built there through this process”



A Good Story


We believe that sharing experiences of triumph can be both helpful and encouraging to those navigating the real estate landscape.

Meg and Mark are not your typical homeowners. Not many can say that they had a hand in the architecture, build, and design of their own home. From ensuring that their house was positioned in the most energy-efficient orientation relative to the sun and building an air-tight structure to avoid heat loss, to incorporating the most unique, jaw-dropping features — not a single element was overlooked.

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