Maker House Co: the trusted source for Canadian made gifts in Hintonburg.

Founded in 2015, our mission is to bring the maker movement to main street retail. Our shop changes the way we engage with both the products we buy and the people who make them. As a social enterprise, we also donate 2% of all sales to local community projects.

Maker House Co. is the brainchild of Gareth Davies, representing the convergence of his love for handmade furniture, authentic stories, and community growth.

Gareth learned everything he knew about helping others from his mother. Carolyn Davies, who can be seen below to the right, was actively involved in volunteering and nonprofit work her whole life. It was her desire to help others that inspired Gareth to follow his dreams and create the #CraftChange initiative.

The seeds of Maker House Co. go back to Gareth's grandfather, Lorne Casey, who can be seen below making a treehouse with his grandchildren, including his youngest, Gareth, in the middle. Lorne was a craftsman, furniture refinisher, and an international furniture buyer for a Toronto department store. It is the furniture pieces passed down to Gareth by his grandfather that he and his wife Sarah cherish the most.

Stop by Maker House Co. today to pick up your family's next heirloom. With everything being built to last, you can rest assured knowing your not only buying for yourself, but for your children and their children as well.

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